McDonnell Embraces Results of Alleged Racial Profiling

As you probably know, the Los Angeles Times reported two weeks ago that it was statistically likely LASD deputies had racially profiled Hispanics driving on the Interstate 5 through Santa Clarita Station’s patrol area. The article is long and detailed and we recommend you read it.

Let’s be real: obviously Mexican nationals are moving dope, money and illegal immigrants along the I-5. But so are white people (which is why the cartels pay them more). And so are blacks. We’re all for proactive police work. What we’re not for is a huge percentage of people subject to pretext-based interdiction stops not actually being dirty. Nor are we good with a sheriff who claims the credit for the good news but pretends the bad news doesn’t exist.

Sheriff McDonnell, the Times reported today, refused requests to be interviewed about the report. Because he’s such a transparent, transformative…low-integrity hack of a “leader” that is driving almost every-single-deputy we know (many who were just hired!) to try to lateral out of the organization.

Instead, he posted to his Facebook page an article the Times ran last year about the increase in narcotic seizures along the I-5 that resulted from the same activity, in a pretty transparent attempt to paper over the Times’ new article detailing how the results were based on questionable cause. To be clear, he not only posted an old Times article to confuse people with the new one, but he praised the results of alleged tactics he also says he doesn’t tolerate. Because he’s a politician desperate for survival after four years of abject failure in virtually every regard.

The Office of the Inspector General said it would investigate (yawn). A few days later, the Times endorsed McDonnell–just as it did Lee Baca…every…single…time. The Daily News endorsed McDonnell, too, apparently without even interviewing Villanueva. The Establishment is really circling the wagons for ‘ole Fresh Eyes!

Today, the Times reported again on how Hispanics have felt profiled by deputies along the I-5 — including one who was stopped multiple times by the same deputy on the same day.

The Sheriff, undoubtedly, will cynically refuse to comment. Just as he refuses to debate. He’ll play his word games. The Vladimir Putin of LA County.






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