LA Sheriff Union Votes No Confidence in McDonnell

The primary union representing the men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced this morning a Vote of No Confidence in the department’s current leader, Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

The vote comes after a rocky four years for the LASD, which has struggled with rising crime across the county, ongoing allegations of abuse and sexual assault by deputies, violence by deputy cliques, an ongoing focus on deputy tattoos, allegations of racial profiling, a massive and unprecedented budget deficit, a worsening mental health crisis–which McDonnell proposes to address through incarceration, departmental morale and proactive policing at historic lows, and widespread complaints about McDonnell’s lack of transparency and mismanagement.

It also comes after rising disappointment with McDonnell from the county’s minority communities.

According to a recent survey of its members by the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS), 82% of LASD deputies do not have confidence in McDonnell; 88% say McDonnell has been ineffective in managing the ongoing staffing shortage. Over 85% of deputies do not feel McDonnell is competent to move the department forward.

ALADS characterized the deputy participation rate in the survey as “above average”.

ALADS, which has endorsed reformer Alex Villanueva to be the next Sheriff of Los Angeles County, also held a press conference this morning. Villanueva spoke as well. You can find the video of that press conference here.


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