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McDonnell Embraces Results of Alleged Racial Profiling

As you probably know, the Los Angeles Times reported two weeks ago that it was statistically likely LASD deputies had racially profiled Hispanics driving on the Interstate 5 through Santa Clarita Station’s patrol area. The article is long and detailed and we recommend you read it.

Let’s be real: obviously Mexican nationals are moving dope, money and illegal immigrants along the I-5. But so are white people (which is why the cartels pay them more). And so are blacks. We’re all for proactive police work. What we’re not for is a huge percentage of people subject to pretext-based interdiction stops not actually being dirty. Nor are we good with a sheriff who claims the credit for the good news but pretends the bad news doesn’t exist.

Sheriff McDonnell, the Times reported today, refused requests to be interviewed about the report. Because he’s such a transparent, transformative…low-integrity hack of a “leader” that is driving almost every-single-deputy we know (many who were just hired!) to try to lateral out of the organization.

Instead, he posted to his Facebook page an article the Times ran last year about the increase in narcotic seizures along the I-5 that resulted from the same activity, in a pretty transparent attempt to paper over the Times’ new article detailing how the results were based on questionable cause. To be clear, he not only posted an old Times article to confuse people with the new one, but he praised the results of alleged tactics he also says he doesn’t tolerate. Because he’s a politician desperate for survival after four years of abject failure in virtually every regard.

The Office of the Inspector General said it would investigate (yawn). A few days later, the Times endorsed McDonnell–just as it did Lee Baca…every…single…time. The Daily News endorsed McDonnell, too, apparently without even interviewing Villanueva. The Establishment is really circling the wagons for ‘ole Fresh Eyes!

Today, the Times reported again on how Hispanics have felt profiled by deputies along the I-5 — including one who was stopped multiple times by the same deputy on the same day.

The Sheriff, undoubtedly, will cynically refuse to comment. Just as he refuses to debate. He’ll play his word games. The Vladimir Putin of LA County.







Deputy Involved Shooting in Compton

A deputy-involved shooting occurred this morning in Compton after a deputy ran a vehicle’s license plate, it came back stolen, and the suspect brandished a knife while resisting arrest.

The incident occurred this morning around 0700 at the 2100 block of North Long Beach Boulevard. (A stolen vehicle on Long Boulevard–shocking!)

The suspect was struck by the deputy’s gunfire and listed in critical but stable condition.

Here’s more information from ABC 7.

Here’s the Department’s statement.

In other major news, there was a burglary in Malibu.

Today In LASD Mismanagement and News

In our last post we promised we’d catch you up on the news you may have missed when we were on vacation. And true to our word, here is some of what’s been going on in the world of LASD.News:

  • TODAY is the sentencing for the Juan Manuel Martinez, the dirtbag who shot two Lakewood Station deputies in Bellflower in June 2016. Martinez–an armed felon–fled a DUI checkpoint, engaging in a gunfight with a deputy on a motorcycle and then with a group of responding deputies several minutes later. Two deputies received severe injuries that have significantly impacted their careers and the rest of their lives.  A deputy presence is expected at Norwalk Superior Court, Department H, around 8:30 this morning (though his exact spot on the docket is unknown).


  • After Susan Leeds was brutally stabbed to death in a Rolling Hills mall parking garage, Sheriff McDonnell moved swiftly (just before the June primary) to make an arrest. Only, the DA refused to press charges citing insufficient evidence and five months later the case remains unsolved. As we and others reported at the time, sources close to the investigation said the arrest was rushed, with deputies pulled off workable cases in brown/black areas to make an arrest in a politically-connected white one. Now, the woman who was falsely arrested (pictured above) has announced she is filing a claim against the county and arguing that her arrest was the result of McDonnell playing politics. Read the full story here from the Los Angeles Times.
  • As this site reported in the spring, numerous Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff’s have committed suicide over the years–including several at department facilities. We also understand there have been deputies fired by Sheriff McDonnell who have committed suicide because of his capricious actions. We know for a fact that there are current and former deputies who are considering it. While Sheriff McDonnell may not care, the Board of Supervisors does recognize the problem–at least of suicides among people who haven’t yet been arbitrarily fired.
  • LA Weekly ran a long spread on reform candidate Alex Villanueva.
  • And speaking of the campaign, the ACLU is holding a sheriff debate this Saturday from 10 am-12 pm at 44226 10th Street West in Lancaster. Presumably the sheriff himself will chicken out from attending again, though, because he doesn’t like being disagreed with…42937185_1895013930807005_1365832555412062208_o
  • More details emerged about last weeks deputy-involved shooting in East LA — the second in East LA, and the third deputy to be shot, in a week. Here are additional details from the LA Times.
  • Another deputy-involved shooting occurred in Compton last week. A robbery suspect was shot; a deputy received a minor injury. Meanwhile, over at the dog-and-pony show
  • Lancaster Deputies Montanez, assisted by his partner (and videographer) Deputy Chapman, pushed a disabled woman’s wheelchair one mile home after its battery died. Check out the video.
  • Sheriff McDonnell wants people to lock their guns up.
  • A large group of immigration activists publicly endorsed Alex Villanueva for sheriff. It was covered prominently on ABC channel 7.
  • Despite the fact that the Reserve Task Force has existed for at least 10 years, and despite the utter decay of the reserve program under his “leadership”, Sheriff McDonnell somehow got the LA Times to write a fawning account of his “new” Reserve Impact Team. This program is basically a dog-and-pony show in which a few reserves are told to show up at some station and drive around for a few hours, allowing the station to say they’ve done something about a problem because they have more minutes to report that month. The program is neither new nor consequential. Must have been a slow news day.
  • Deputies from Santa Clarita Station arrested an alleged kidnapper–living in a creepy RV!
  • The Professional Peace Officers Association endorsed Sheriff McDonnell for re-election. This despite accusing McDonnell or those around  him of illegally leaking employee personnel information to the media for political gain. (Wonder if that investigation ever happened…)
  • Lakewood deputies saved a toddler’s life. Be sure to check out the video of the deps bringing the kiddo into the ER in their arms.
  • The Board of Supervisors moved closer to authorizing the Citizens Oversight Commission having subpoena power–which has been demanded after Sheriff McDonnell has dragged his feet in sharing information with it–describing it as an advisory body, and a bridge to the community, and an apparent oversight board in name-only. Here’s what the LA Times said about the matter over three years ago…
  • LA Opinion ran a long article about Alex Villanueva. Meanwhile, McDonnell launched a Spanish-language website (still with pictures from 2014). Unclear if it comes in a Boston accent…
  • The County agreed to pay over $14 million to settle a lawsuit stemming from a wrongful shooting in 2014. Deputies had gotten into a gunfight with the suspect (pictured on the left), who was a wanted gangster at a house in Pico Rivera. During the gunfight, Frank Al Mendoza, Sr (right) walked out of the house and was mistakenly shot in the head.“I was never really angry with the sheriff’s,” Mendoza’s son told the LA Times. “I’m disappointed in their tactics, but not really angry. I could understand they are here to serve, and they’re here to protect; it’s just that day it didn’t go their way.”la-1535423570-h5ctry91aj-snap-image.jpeg
  • Now for some good news, there’s a new program to more quickly locate dementia patients who wander out of their assisted living facilities. It will involve RFID-enabled bracelets trackable by deputies in the field. As any deputy knows, this is a very frequent and highly time- and resource-consuming process, often tying up much of a patrol shift and involving helicopters. This cannot get deployed soon enough!
  • In Brady List-related news, St. Louis’s Circuit Attorney delivered to local police a list of 28 police officers it believes are untrustworthy and for whose arrests it will no longer prosecute.
  • Five more women have filed lawsuits against the County alleging that Deputy Giancarlo Scotti sexually assaulted them while they were in custody.
  • And finally, as you may know, West Hollywood Station Deputy Garrett Rifkin was involved in an off-duty motorcycle accident in August, resulting in his anguished decision to have his leg amputated. He is eager to get back to work. You can donate to help with his recovery here.


Two Deputies Shot in East LA; Serious But Stable Condition; Suspect Dead (Radio Traffic)

Two East Los Angeles station deputies were shot tonight after responding to an assault with a deadly weapon at Salazar Park (near where the 60 splits from the 5).

They are alive but seriously wounded (we understand they were shot above their vests). The suspect is dead.

The initial call went out around 6:18 p.m. Responding deputies observed the suspect vehicle in the area, tried to stop it, and after a short pursuit the suspect(s) shot at the deputies. The deputies returned fire. After being wounded, responding deputies rushed them to the hospital (LCMC).

Here is the radio traffic. The initial assault with a deadly weapon call goes out around nine minutes in. Units pull up behind the suspect vehicle around 14:40 in. The actual shooting traffic is not heard since the patch was dropped on this recording. At 21:20, Aero advises a deputy involved shooting occurred and additional resources are needed.

Additional response coordination can be heard via this recording around 5 minutes in.

Here’s the latest from SHB as of 2200 hrs.

The LA Times has a quick summary of the details here. NBC 4 has video here.

Two Deputy Involved Shootings Happened Friday (SLA & CPT)

Deputies at South Los Angeles and Compton Stations were each involved in shootings on Friday after separate short vehicle pursuits.

The first shooting occurred in Lennox where deputies stopped a vehicle around 1 a.m. Upon approaching the vehicle, its driver put the car into reverse and rammed the deputies with the car, injuring one deputy. The deputies gave chase and the suspect crashed. The suspect was armed with a handgun and a deputy-involved shooting occurred. The suspect was hit several times and transported to the hospital. Here’s more on the story from channel 5.

The Compton shooting occurred around 11:20 p.m. after deputies pursued a suspected drunk driver. The vehicle crashed, the occupants fled, and a shooting occurred. It doesn’t seem anybody was hit. Channel 5 also has more on this story.


LASD Allows Reserve Deputies To Carry Off-Duty Without a CCW

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reversed its stance Thursday on requiring reserve deputies (other than those with full-time peace officer status) to obtain a concealed weapon permit in order to defend themselves. In deciding to finally honor the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004 (known as “LEOSA”), LASD has determined that reserve deputies–who complete the same training and wear the same uniform as any full time deputy–no longer need to obtain a concealed weapons permit.

Though the timing of this move just two months before an election in which Sheriff McDonnell needs the financial and political support of wealthy and connected LASD reserves is suspicious, this is nonetheless welcome news to many.

The new reading of a law in effect since 2004 dramatically simplifies what has long been a CCW issuance process rife with differing standards, confusion and politically/financially-motivated abuse. In fact, at many stations reserves were not issued CCWs until they were off patrol training (which could take years) resulting in an unwritten and unsaid understanding that reserves working or traveling through high-crime areas (such as Los Angeles County) may just need to feloniously carry illegally until they were blessed with a CCW. Indeed, over the past year LASD.News understands many reserves have had their CCW applications returned to them for additional justification of their need to defend themselves; some have been denied outright. Also, as we previously reported, a number of retired deputies stated their CCWs had been revoked due to arm/hand injuries or because they retired due to stress-related reasons (presumably from engaging in just the kind of policework that would result in needing a CCW).

Federal and state laws on the issue of CCWs and who can carry what where differ so much that sometimes the safest solution is the most liberal. After all, a strict CCW policy then begs all kinds of questions over who is getting CCWs and who isn’t and why and why not, and what liability exists for who when someone gets into something. And that seems to be at play here, where, according to a letter from Sheriff McDonnell to reserves, LASD is both extending LEOSA coverage to reserves and encouraging them nonetheless to apply for a CCW anyway. No specific reason is given, so the lawyers were clearly at play here.

Why the change (however welcome it is)? We’re not sure. And a letter issued by Sheriff McDonnell on Thursday doesn’t say. Here are some possibilities:

The change was probably pushed for by the Reserve Leadership Team (led by big-time McDonnell donor/backer) Alan Skobin …who may or may not have been the only reserve to be issued a county car. (We don’t know for certain because the department has still not responded to public record requests on this from multiple requestors three months later…)

It never made a lot of sense for reserves to need a CCW when they were covered by LEOSA since 2004 (though there are certain instances where a CCW may still be helpful, such as when an off-duty reserve carries a gun onto school grounds).

Whatever the Reserve Leadership Team’s role was, LASD.News suspects a bigger reason is the onslaught of public record requests the Department has received in recent months over which LASD reserves and members of the public (mainly judges and prosectors) have active CCWs in 2018. Here is a list of CCWs LASD approved in the first five months of this year.

Perhaps this site’s prior reporting on the decline of the reserve program under Sheriff McDonnell has had something to do with efforts to improve it, as well as to recruit reserves, that have been announced in the past few months.

It is also likely that legal action apparently threatened against the Department by media organizations and the California Reserve Peace Officers Association (which all LASD reserves should join) forced McDonnell to take a step he could have taken any time in the last four years.

Which brings us to the timing of this decision. Coming two months before a close election, and as LASD.News receives unconfirmed reports of Sheriff McDonnell soliciting reserve deputies for campaign contributions in a dramatic break from his practice four years ago of not accepting money from deputies, the timing of throwing reserves a bone is certainly suspicious.

It will be important to keep an eye on McDonnell’s campaign contributions. Though of course we may not see all the campaign finance reporting until after the election…

If you are an LASD employee and have been hit up by Sheriff McDonnell or his team for a donation or to throw a fundraiser, please let us know at

This article will be updated as we learn more.