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Two Deputies Shot in East LA; Serious But Stable Condition; Suspect Dead (Radio Traffic)

Two East Los Angeles station deputies were shot tonight after responding to an assault with a deadly weapon at Salazar Park (near where the 60 splits from the 5).

They are alive but seriously wounded (we understand they were shot above their vests). The suspect is dead.

The initial call went out around 6:18 p.m. Responding deputies observed the suspect vehicle in the area, tried to stop it, and after a short pursuit the suspect(s) shot at the deputies. The deputies returned fire. After being wounded, responding deputies rushed them to the hospital (LCMC).

Here is the radio traffic. The initial assault with a deadly weapon call goes out around nine minutes in. Units pull up behind the suspect vehicle around 14:40 in. The actual shooting traffic is not heard since the patch was dropped on this recording. At 21:20, Aero advises a deputy involved shooting occurred and additional resources are needed.

Additional response coordination can be heard via this recording around 5 minutes in.

Here’s the latest from SHB as of 2200 hrs.

The LA Times has a quick summary of the details here. NBC 4 has video here.


Two Deputy Involved Shootings Happened Friday (SLA & CPT)

Deputies at South Los Angeles and Compton Stations were each involved in shootings on Friday after separate short vehicle pursuits.

The first shooting occurred in Lennox where deputies stopped a vehicle around 1 a.m. Upon approaching the vehicle, its driver put the car into reverse and rammed the deputies with the car, injuring one deputy. The deputies gave chase and the suspect crashed. The suspect was armed with a handgun and a deputy-involved shooting occurred. The suspect was hit several times and transported to the hospital. Here’s more on the story from channel 5.

The Compton shooting occurred around 11:20 p.m. after deputies pursued a suspected drunk driver. The vehicle crashed, the occupants fled, and a shooting occurred. It doesn’t seem anybody was hit. Channel 5 also has more on this story.


Deputy Involved Shooting in East LA

East Los Angeles deputies shot and killed 21-year-old Anthony Vargas Sunday morning at approximately 2 a.m. after allegedly committing an armed robbery, running from deputies and brandishing a handgun during a fight with them.

His mother, however, says he was a good boy who had been attending a birthday party and Bible study. They claim they have already hired a lawyer to investigate or sue the county.

The incident occurred near the intersection of Mednik Avenue and Floral Drive in unincorporated East Los Angeles, a Department statement said. This area has been the site of numerous prior shootings, including deputy-involved shootings. It is also down the street from where Deputy Mohamed Ahmed was shot in the face in 2011 while contacting another armed man.

It appears what happened is deputies had responded to the area regarding an armed robbery call. Another assisting unit on the way to the call saw Vargas, who matched the suspect description. A short pursuit ensued, followed by a struggle. During the struggle, Vargas reportedly tried to “arm himself”, according to Homicide Lt. Derrick Alfred.

A handgun was recovered at the scene and one deputy suffered minor injuries during the fight.

According to radio traffic (click here and skip to 5:40 in), the initial armed robbery incident occurred at Hammel Street and Mednik Avenue. The deputy-involved shooting occurred about two blocks away. We were unable to locate radio traffic of the shooting itself, but traffic of a deputy-involved fight in East LA could be heard around 12:10 into the recording above.



Jailer Savagely Beaten By Inmate at Lakewood Station; Shot by Heroic Deputies

Update @ 08-11-18 / 0015 Hrs: Radio traffic from this incident can be found here: first clip (begins at 28 min in); incident continues in this second clip. We’re left with two thoughts: first, this sounds like an absolute Donnybrook in the station jail. Second, check out these deputies (and one in particular) taking control of the situation and handling it. THIS is the difference between LASD and LAPD. Not to pick a fight, but while LAPD is all about rank and process and systems of accountability (blah, blah, blah), LASD is about ability, taking charge and getting the job done. And that is why you hear a deputy sheriff running the response here, not various levels of sergeant, lieutenant, captain, commander, chief and assistant sheriff stepping all over themselves over who is in command. Despite everything corrupt and broken and wrong with the leadership of today’s LASD, this radio traffic gives us confidence the beating heart of the real LASD is still alive (for now). The deputy sheriff, handling business.

*          *          *

A Custody Assistant at Lakewood Sheriff Station was savagely beaten by an arrestee today as the jailer was attempting to fingerprint him. 

Facts Below, But First Some Context:
While we don’t yet know enough about what happened and don’t want to jump to conclusions, it’s important to state that jail personnel and deputies are being assaulted by inmates far more often now than they were in the past. This kind of thing simply did not happen 3-4 years ago. This is because of the potentially career-ending discipline Sheriff McDonnell and his civilian/lawyer Constitutional Policing Adviser”, Diana Teran, are handing out after personnel get into uses of force. Criminals know this and it emboldens them. This is especially true given McDonnell’s campaigning for re-election on reducing use of force in the jails, however unsafe they have become for his personnel. While the jails may be safer for criminals, they are more dangerous for those wearing a badge. In fact, we understand Ms. Teran is at Lakewood Station right now–news that should come as a snake’s rattle to Lakewood personnel…

Here is what we understand to have happened from our sources and a press conference held by Homicide Lieutenant Corina:

  • The suspect had been arrested around 1300 hours for possession of a stolen car (10851 CVC).
  • After booking was completed, he was of course removed from his cell to be fingerprinted by the Custody Assistant (jailer).
  • The jailer’s partner had just left the jail to deal with some paperwork and was elsewhere in the station, so the jailer was alone. This is very common.
  • While he was being fingerprinted, the suspect (who we understand to be Pacific Islander, possibly Samoan), suddenly, without provocation and savagely beat the female jailer.
  • The jailer was able to hit a panic button, setting off an alarm. Lakewood Station dispatch personnel saw what was happening on CCTV and sent deputies to help.
  • The suspect stole the jailer’s Taser and dragged her into a cell by her hair, locking it behind him. Legally this was a kidnapping. He then essentially held her hostage in the cell.
  • Once deputies arrived, the suspect points the Taser at them through the jail screen, as well as reportedly at the jailer being held hostage. The jailer had been beat to a pulp and could have been killed, so deadly force was clearly authorized.
  • One or more deputies then shot the suspect. We understand the shooting was directed by the watch commander, though the deputies had cause to shoot without that (at least under current California law…). The suspect was hit several times but still did not immediately give up until he was subsequently Tased.
  • The suspect is in critical condition as of this article.
  • The jailer was savagely beat, with a broken orbital and nose, but should survive.

We will not release the name of the jailer or other involved personnel.

This article will be updated as we learn more information (which does not compromise the investigation).

Deputy Involved Shooting in Pico Rivera: Here’s What We Know

Deputies from Pico Rivera Station shot and killed a male, Hispanic adult (identified by local media as Carmelo Pizarro) at about 1:30 this morning following a vehicle pursuit.

From KTLA’s reporting and the radio traffic (which you can listen to here, just skip to 16:27 in), here’s what it seems happened:

A deputy tried to stop the suspect for “502” (suspected DUI) and a pursuit lasting several seconds occurred.

The suspect crashed, foot-bailed and ran some distance holding a handgun. At some point the deputy opened fire (radio code “998”) but the foot pursuit continued several more blocks, with the suspect hopping backyard fences. Additional deputies arrived and set up a containment and after about 15 minutes residents reported a prowler (“921”) in their back yard. A deputy reported seeing the suspect running inside the containment.

Continuing to a different recording, Aero saw the suspect walking down a sidewalk and directed deputies to the man. Deputies arrived and the suspect ran again. Aero reported the suspect doing something with, or having something in, his hand. He hid behind a vehicle. Deputies pursued. Another deputy-involved shooting occurred.

A handgun was recovered, though the suspect’s angry and emotional mother told local media that she didn’t believe her son was armed. She did tell KTLA he was going through a “rough time” and his best friend was murdered last week.

LA County fire was immediately requested after the first deputy-involved shooting occurred, though was told to “stage” because the armed suspect was still on the loose. It took about a minute to ensure the suspect was disarmed before Fire was allowed to roll in to treat him. However he succumbed to his wounds.

The deputies were all okay.

Here’s more on the story from KTLA.


Deputy Involved Shooting in Unincorporated El Monte

A Temple Station deputy was involved in a shooting last night of a suspect with a pellet gun.  The LA Times has a little story about the incident and the Department’s press release is linked here.

It appears the deputy saw a suspicious person and went to stop him. At some point he saw what appeared to be a handgun in the suspect’s waistband and that the suspect drew the apparent handgun and pointed it at the deputy, at which point a shooting occurred.

LASD.News found the radio traffic on a public website and it’s linked here. It starts about 7 minutes in.

In the recording you can clearly hear the deputy saying he has a suspect detained with a “417” (firearm). You can hear the deputies giving commands. A shooting occurs, they request additional units and an ambulance. You can also hear that the Sheriff’s Department’s radio system is a relic of the Cold War. (No, literally.)

We don’t know anything further and have nothing of value to add–except, mostly for the benefit of those outside the department or who have not done police work, that it’s actually very common for hardened criminals to carry pellet guns on the street and in vehicles.

The reason people carry pellet guns is because a fake gun is often enough to commit robberies or scare people, but it’s not illegal if you get caught with it.

So if you’re a felon and your intent is to intimidate or steal from people but not necessarily to hurt them, carrying a fake gun rather than a real gun is a far safer approach than carrying a real gun and risk getting caught with it.

That does not explain why in this case someone would knowingly point a pellet gun at someone with a real gun. Perhaps he didn’t know the deputy was a deputy. Perhaps he was high on meth. Perhaps it was suicide by cop.  We don’t know and the investigation will hopefully tell.

But it’s important for people to understand that adults walking down the street with pellet guns, or driving with them in cars, are often up to serious no-good. They aren’t “toys”–they’re “imitation firearms”. And there is no way to tell they’re fake until you actually hold and manipulate it. Which is way too late.