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Former LAPD Leader Doesn’t Spend Millions On His Own Sweet Ride

Former Los Angeles Police Department Commander Andrew Smith sure could teach former LAPD First Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell a thing or few about leadership.

And humility. And being a good steward of taxpayer dollars. And being a servant leader. Or just a credible leader.

After 27 years at the LAPD, Smith became the Chief of Police in Green Bay, Wisconsin. When it came to selecting his official vehicle, he decided against using public funds to buy an extravagant, luxury guzzler of taxpayer-funded gas driven by a $2 million stable of sworn chauffeurs and opted instead for a 2007 Jeep obtained through asset forfeiture.

“I take it as a point of pride that I drive pretty much the crappiest car in the fleet,” Smith says.

Meanwhile at LASD, McDonnell has spent around $100,000 that could have gone to replace unsafe deputy patrol cars or training 911 dispatchers on a blacked-out Denali and at least $1.4 million in deputy drivers (who should be in the field doing police work).

Check out the video below from the Green Bay Press-Gazzette; their article is also here.



At Least Five Things LASD Is Hiding From You Right Now

Although Sheriff McDonnell ran on a platform of “transparency” four years ago, he changed quickly upon entering office.  Within just his first few weeks he instituted a policy forbidding subordinates from voicing disagreement with him, he punished or demoted those who did (former OSS Captain Brackpool), and he has made obstructing journalists a hallmark of his term.

So much so that two months ago the Los Angeles Times sued to force the Department to release public records as required by law.  (A copy of the lawsuit itself can be viewed here.)

Unfortunately though entirely predictably, this lawsuit has had no impact on the sheriff’s behavior.  Here are several examples of the sheriff’s continued anti-accountability LASD.News has learned of recently:


Who’s provided more “transparency”?  Sheriff McDonnell in the last four years or this site–run by pissed-off deputies wanting a better LASD–in just the last week 24 hours?


McDonnell Revoking Retiree CCWs

LASD.News received BREAKING news tonight that Sheriff McDonnell is requiring retired deputies who medically retired to prove to the satisfaction of department lawyers that they don’t have hand, arm, or shoulder injuries, and that their refusal to do so may result in the revocation of their retiree CCW permit.

Reportedly, retired department members have been contacted regarding this over the past several days.  They have been told: prove to the satisfaction McDonnell’s lawyers that the hand, arm or shoulder injury they sustained in the service of the People of Los Angeles County isn’t that bad or they’ll take away their ability to defend themselves from the criminals they spent a lifetime putting in jail.

Let’s be clear: these are CCW permits that retirees get in order to protect themselves after years of police work.  Yet the department reportedly now views them as treats to dispense at the pleasure of the sheriff and his lawyers?

Retired in Idaho?  Texas?  Wyoming?  Hawaii?  Better pack your bags for the flight to Monterey Park to show ’em what you got.


As we know, many deputies retire with injuries after years of driving around in a police car; after shootings, fights, traffic collisions or accidents.  Two deputies were shot in their arms in Lakewood’s area two years ago.  What about them?  Where does this end?  What’s next?

This is unconscionable.

Let’s also remember: those who leave the department with less than 15 years on don’t get a CCW at all.  They’re just told to kick rocks like a parolee.  And the way things are going–with hundreds of deputies relieved of duty and fired over the past three years (an 80% increase from the prior administration), and reportedly over 1,000 internal affairs cases open, if you are active on the Sheriff’s Department today: this can happen to you!

So, who does get a CCW?  Well, the sheriff (of course–though he already has an extensive stable of bodyguards, like a king or a sheikh).  And deputies who have never suffered an injury in the line of duty. Actually, most CCWs are going to judges and prosecutors, plus a smattering of rich people.

We have confidence in our many sources, but we pray this isn’t true.  Please prove us wrong.

Have you received one of these letters? Have you heard anything more about this?  LET US KNOW.

ALADS, PPOA, LASPA, SHERIFF’S RELIEF–what do you know?  Where are you on this?

Sheriff McDonnell Reportedly Spends At Least $1.4 Million Per Year on Chauffeurs

Today in corruption news, a new report from within the Sheriff’s Department indicates that Sheriff McDonnell spent at least $1.4 million of taxpayer dollars on his personal chauffeurs in the last year alone.

While prior sheriffs (such as the community-beloved Sheriff Baca) made do traveling the county with a single driver in a Mercury Marquis, Sheriff McDonnell’s “detail” (cuz he’s like a president) now numbers as many as ten deputies and sergeants.  A blog covering corruption within the Sheriff’s Department, Surruo.com, reports that all-told the costs for this extravagance total at least $1.4 million and probably more.

By Surruo’s reasonable (and frankly low-ball) estimate the costs include:

  • $100,000 for the sheriff’s personal GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate Black Edition SUV.  The hundreds of Ford Explorers the Department already owns weren’t good enough …because Charlie Beck has a Denali, so McDonnell needed one, too.lapdsheriffs.jpg
  • $960,000 dollars per year for the sheriff’s personal drivers.  These are deputies doing zero police work–they’re just driving Sheriff Miss Daisy and doing his laundry, making sure his chair is where he wants it, that his bottled water is good-to-go, working below the media radar, etc.
    • In fact, the total spent on salary is likely significantly more than $1 million, since one of the sheriff’s drivers *alone* made $532,849 in total compensation during 2015-2016.  Other sergeants on the sheriff’s detail rated similar salaries.  Nice work, if you can get it!  Real world, the figure is probably $2-3 million for staff alone, all-in.
    • Meanwhile, patrol stations can’t even get enough units for deputies to answer calls for service or back each other up and deputies are being drafted for mandatory extra shifts 6-8 times per month.
  • Add to this an additional $320,000 for Dodger Charger Pursuit vehicles personally assigned to each driver, replaced annually.  (What’s wrong with one of the 170,000 mile Crown Vics the deputies doing police work drive?)  Which is to say, they don’t pay for their commute.  Must be nice–especially when you’re making over a quarter million dollars per year.
  • Then factor in at least $9,000 in annual operating costs at 54 cents per mile, oil changes, tires, etc, bearing in mind few of these drivers live anywhere near the office.
  • Finally, assume $2,500 in key fobs for the Sheriff’s personal Ultimate Denali and $8,500 in other expenses (guns, gun racks, emergency equipment, air fresheners, tic-tacs, illegally tinted windows, etc.).

Anyhow, when it’s all said and done, it’s probably near $2 million wasted on Sheriff McDonnell’s vanity.

Nevermind that the Sheriff is tens of millions of dollars over his $3.2 BILLION budget and is reportedly releasing inmates (or has he already released them?) to demonstrate to the Board of Supervisors how he needs even more money!

After the Sheriff admitted to spending $300,000 on belt buckles to national humiliation (even though the real total was closer to $1 million), Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger stated, “With a $3 billion budget, the sheriff is entrusted by the voters of Los Angeles County with the flexibility to allocate department resources where he feels necessary — and I trust his judgement as to administrative matters under his authority.”

We wonder how she feels now…at least four million (?) dollars later…?

“The other four county supervisors declined to comment.”

I’m getting sick just writing about it.  For the full story–including allegations that the Sheriff’s personal Ultimate Denali was purchased illegally–see the original article from the gumshoes over at Surruo.


LASD Mocked For Wasteful Spending In Front Of Millions Of People on Jimmy Kimmel

In case you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel recently mocked our beloved Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for the profligate spending of our Dear Leader, Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

Kimmel’s over two-million viewers were treated to this video, lampooning the sheriff’s decision to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on replacing belt buckles and keeper snaps (and multiple employees traversing the county over the course of a year) in order to do it. The LA Times, the Daily News and our friends over at Surruo.com all have their own stories on these shamalam, as well.

While the sheriff asserted the buckles and snaps would only waste $300,000 or so taxpayer dollars, he omitted the labor, transportation and other costs of the multiple county employees involved in executing this switcharoo.  Some might suggest the willful omission of pertinent facts is an integrity issue…all we know is the real cost was probably closer to a million bucks.

Meanwhile, deputies are driving 11 year old patrol cars with bulletholes in them and broken air conditioners (it doesn’t get very hot up in Palmdale, does it?), there are nowhere near enough Tasers for patrol (to say nothing of patrol rifles…or optics on patrol rifles).  But, belt buckles–got plenty of those.

Yet Another LASD Supervisor Implicated In Demanding Sex From Subordinates, the Public or Prisoners

Yet another LASD supervisor under the command of beleagured Sheriff Jim McDonnell has been implicated in demanding sex from subordinates, the public or prisoners.  Maya Lau from the Los Angeles Times has the story.

The case was first broken by investigative reporter Celeste Fremon at Witness LA.

LASD To Spend $300K+ (But Probably A Million) to Replace Silver Belt Buckles and Snaps With Brass

The Los Angeles Times recently got wind of an internal train wreck deputies have known about for some time: Sheriff McDonnell’s plan to spend at least (but probably significantly more than) $300,000 in taxpayer dollars to replace perfectly good and uniform policy compliant silver belt buckles with new brass-colored ones.

While the department asserts that the cost to taxpayers is merely $300,000 in their hard-earned money, this figure does not seem to include the sergeant, deputy and civilian personnel involved in the change as well as responsible for traipsing all over the county to change out the buckles and snaps.  All told, the real cost is likely closer to a $1 million.  And, as usual under Sheriff McDonnell, the loss of internal and community confidence that results from playing hide-the-ball.

Reports the Times, “Sheriff Jim McDonnell is spending the money on a minor cosmetic makeover of deputies’ uniforms: changing the color of their belt buckles and other metal pieces of gear from silver to gold. That way, the metallic bits — all made of brass — will match the gold-hued tie clips, lapel pins and six-pointed star badges that deputies already wear, McDonnell said.”

Says ALADS President Ron Hernandez: “This [expenditure] is something that would be better suited to a department that’s running like a well-oiled machine, but not a department that’s in turmoil.”