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Alex Villanueva Forces Weakened McDonnell Into November Runoff

A dark pall fell over the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Tuesday night with the news that Bob Lindsey failed in his bid to become sheriff and that the department may be saddled with four more years of Jim McDonnell, who is viewed by many as destroying the department through his mismanagement.

That was definitely the mood on election night when LASD.News was working the field. Deputies were in a state of shock and despair, unable to comprehend the emerging vote count. Many confidently asserted the count must have been rigged. Many said they didn’t know a single McDonnell supporter. One said they know knew how Hillary voters must have felt. Another deputy likened the mood inside LASD to that of a prison camp. There was talk of an “exodus” from LASD to other agencies which are aggressively recruiting, though the likelihood of this may be limited by non-compatible retirement programs.

“The results may have been ‘a double surprise’ for McDonnell, who appeared to be confident and more focused on his daily responsibilities than on his re-election campaign,” Jorja Leap, a UCLA professor affiliated with McDonnell told the Long Beach Press Telegram.

The Press Telegram continued: “Not only will there be a runoff in November but Villanueva also received one third of the vote, which is significant, Leap said. And this happened, she said, despite McDonnell’s past performance of calming the turbulence created by the previous administration of then-Sheriff Lee Baca and Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, who were both sentenced in connection with a jail abuse and corruption scandal.”

LASD watchdog Surruo.com observed: “Now that the sheriff has a record he must defend until November, we are sure things are going to get bloody. Since Sheriff McDonnell can no longer hide from public debate as he has enjoyed to this point, we believe he will attempt to phony his way thru to November running on a record which has largely failed.  One only needs to read the flaccid LA Times endorsement that pointed out McDonnell’s many failures to know this sheriff is vulnerable to defeat. To Alex, nobody understands how you made second place among opponents who out spent you by a tremendous margin, but you are clearly the only choice for sheriff.  Don’t let us down.”

And indeed that seemed to be the direction of things Wednesday.

As the grieving process has moved forward, the focus has shifted to what next. What will Bob do? What will his large, enthusiastic team do? Was Villanueva’s surprise win a vindication of his campaign, or mainly his strong Democratic affiliation and non-Anglo Saxon last name? How will McDonnell respond to being in a runoff against someone six ranks his junior? How will Villanueva come off on that stage? 

Though there are few answers Wednesday night, some hints are emerging.

Professional Peace Officer Association President Brian Moriguchi posted a video Wednesday promising that PPOA would aggressively vet both candidates and throw its financial resources behind its preferred candidate.

Meanwhile, deputies brought to LASD.News’s attention a photo posted to McDonnell’s Facebook page of ALADS President Ron Hernandez from 2014. This, of course, is noteworthy given Hernandez’ refusal to take a position on the primary election, despite deputies by 97% voting no confidence in McDonnell. ALADS did not appear to have made any statement about their intentions by Wednesday night.


In his own statement Wednesday, Villanueva seemed emboldened and confident:

“Considering the fact that Villanueva was outspent 50 to 1 by both his opponents combined, a forced runoff was a stunning upset for the embattled incumbent… Our message of ‘Reform, Rebuild, Restore’ resonated with the people of Los Angeles County,” Villanueva said (see below).

Lindsey also released a statement (also below), thanking his supporters.

In his post, Villanueva then extended an olive branch: “We appreciate the spirited campaign by Mr. Lindsey and his supporters contributions toward forcing the runoff. We both agree the Department requires a change in leadership now, a consensus confirmed by the voters.”

He concluded: “Thank you to all those who placed their faith in us and voted. And we hope by November, to earn the votes of those who did not. Again, thank you.”

McDonnell, by contrast, still had no statement posted to his campaign Facebook page by Wednesday night. Because he’s such a great leader…

We didn’t vote for Mr. Villanueva. And we encouraged you, Dear Reader, to vote for Bob Lindsey. That was then, this is now. Will Alex rise to the occasion? This is a promising, though early, start.






Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries Rampant in Sheriff’s Areas; County Has No Plan. Bob Lindsey Says He Does.

Fox 11 news ran a six minute investigative report Monday night on illegal marijuana dispensaries operating within unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. We understand from departmental sources that the sheriff and his PR team were none too pleased (to put it lightly) with this story coming out and may have even involved County Counsel in order to block it. Because, you know, politics first, law enforcement second…

As you will see in the news story, Fox identified illegal marijuana dispensaries operating within county areas a year after the Sheriff’s Department first identified them. With hidden cameras, they recorded dispensary employees willing to send pounds of marijuana (and likely cartel marijuana), no questions asked.

Click Here To See The Story

UPDATE: As a result of last night’s story, LASD.News has learned that Narcotics Bureau (which is responsible for enforcing these illegal dispensaries) has over 30 deputy and sergeant vacancies department-wide, due to Sheriff McDonnell’s inability to properly hire, manage or lead. 

You really have to feel for Captain Holly Francisco here, shoved in front of the camera like a Fleet lieutenant having to defend million dollar stickers he had nothing to do with.

“Wait, why am I in front of the camera? Am I about to get fired?!” she must have been thinking.

Worse yet, Fox then interviewed sheriff candidate Bob Lindsey for his assessment of the sorry situation, observing that Lindsey has “been sounding the alarm about these illegal dispensaries.”

“The county shares some responsibility in this,” Fox reporter Bill Melugin observed.

Lindsey’s view seems to be that cannabis is legal now and the Sheriff’s Department has an obligation to protect its law-abiding, tax-paying merchants, which are not dangerous, possibly cartel fronts.

“Legal cannabis businesses and collectives are currently subject to discrimination, lack of support, and push-back from the Sheriff’s Department. I advocate that the Department must instead act in partnership with the cannabis industry and support the establishment of standards and regulations to serve and protect under the guidelines and mutual covenants agreed upon by all,” Lindsey said in a March statement.

Supervisor Hilda Solis agreed. “I share my community’s frustration with the status quo,” she said.


Bob Lindsey on John and Ken

Bob Lindsey spoke on the John and Ken program for about a minute tonight. You can listen to it by clicking here and skipping to 99 minutes in.

Also today, Jim McDonnell recorded a video from what appears to be a park. Possibly an up-scale homeless encampment (one of the county’s thousands).

Then he went on Tim Conway Jr’s show (also on KFI), though this is less newsworthy than 60 seconds in John and Ken because Conway gives McDonnell a fawning reception virtually every month. You can hear the interview here.

Though Conway’s fans seemed none too pleased.


Meanwhile, Alex Villanueva was endorsed by the Los Angeles Progressive.


97% of Deputies Vote No Confidence In Failed McDonnell; 92% Want Bob Lindsey For Sheriff

Throwback Thursday!

It was just three short weeks ago when 97% of deputies registered a vote of no confidence in the troubled administration of Jim McDonnell after three years of rising crime, mismanagement and the lowest-known morale in the department’s 168 year history.

By a vote of 1,389 to 34, LASD deputies voted against a sheriff with a $2+ million luxury SUV and entourage, against belt buckles and stickers and $45,000 retreats to Lake Arrowhead; against corruptionpay-for-playillegal use of public funds, and middle-managers destroying deputies’ lives (or worse) for their career advancement. Against rising crime (and even more rising crime) and policies against disagreeing with the boss. Against lying to the community.  They stood tall for the Sheriff’s Department they–and our community–deserve.

With the same percentage of deputies voting in ALADS’ official poll as LA county voters likely to participate in Tuesday’s primary election, LASD deputies sent a strong signal that while they gave McDonnell the benefit of the doubt when he arrived four years ago, he’s been a massive disappointment and it’s time to try someone else.

In fact, nearly 92% of deputies said the right man for the job is Bob Lindsey. And you’ll have your chance to vote for him, too, this coming Tuesday, June 5.



Sheriff Candidate Lindsey Interviewed by Los Cerritos News

Brian Hews at the Los Cerritos News posted an interview with Bob Lindsey on Friday.

Here’s an excerpt of Lindsey’s response regarding his vision for the department. The full interview is linked below.

“My vision and plan is to ensure responsible spending, direct and confront the increasing homelessness problem, and bring both community participation and transparency back to the Sheriff’s Department.

I will lower crime by increasing patrols, fight against early prisoner release, eliminate irresponsible spending on wasteful political interest projects, and implement a concealed carry permit policy; those who are issued a permit must pass a comprehensive background investigation.”

Here’s the full story at Los Cerritos News.



Lindsey Endorsed by LA’s Leading African American Newspaper, the LA Sentinel

Bob Lindsey was recently endorsed by the Los Angeles Sentinel, LA’s leading newspaper serving the African American community–and particularly influential in South LA, Inglewood and Compton. 

This endorsement is also newsworthy because, as LASD.News reported yesterday, Lindsey has been present, and earned tremendous support, in the African American community in Jim McDonnell’s four-year absence.

McDonnell was also absent from the last debate among candidates for sheriff two weeks ago at Ward AME Church near USC. In fact, McDonnell has skipped all of the debates for sheriff.

It is also newsworthy because the Sentinel endorsed McDonnell four years ago but has now decided he is no longer the right man for the job. And that Bob Lindsey is.


Bob Lindsey Interviewed on National Newsmax TV

Former Commander Bob Lindsey was interviewed on Newsmax TV last week and you can watch the nine minute interview by clicking here.

Though Bob is asked about a lot of topics, most of the time is spent talking about how he would lead in reducing homelessness, about his shall-issue stance on CCWs and about the plummeting morale at the LASD, and the consequences of low morale on the community.