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Holy Smokes… 31 Guns Missing from Compton City Vault

You’ve gotta check out this story from the Los Angeles Times questioning how it came to be that the City of Compton had squirreled away (at least) 31 guns in a vault…and how it came to be that (at least) 31 were stolen?

“Sheriff’s and Compton city officials notified the ATF and an investigation began In September. The guns were last inventoried in March 2017, [an ATF agent said], so there is a considerable window when they could have been stolen.”

Whats even more puzzling is how, if the weapons were last inventoried and noticed missing a year ago, why an investigation didn’t begin until September?  And if only a limited number of people should have known the combination, why are the agencies speaking publicly about it nearly eight months later?

What a mess.