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Deputy Accused of Assault, Failure to Respond to Shooting Still Employed A Year Later

You may recall the curious case of Deputy Jeremy Fennell, who KTLA reported nearly a year ago was under investigation for abusing his girlfriend, failing to respond to a shooting call, and recording numerous unprofessional videos while in uniform.  Fennell, of course, is the son of sheriff Commander Joseph Fennell–who has his own tawdry past with women–seems to have been partially cleared by Sheriff Jim McDonnell, reports Maya Lau at the Los Angeles Times.


New Sheriff Trainee Steals $100,000 From ATM; Also Suspected of Arson

In yet another scandal coming out of our beleaguered Sheriff’s Department, a newly hired academy recruit was just arrested for stealing $100,000 from a Santa Clarita-area ATM.  He is also suspected of committing a recent arson.  This–now over three years since Sheriff McDonnell ran on a campaign of cleaning the department up.  This is the second unrelated story about deputy misconduct today alone.  Reporter Richard Winton from the LA Times has more on the case.

Deputy Under Investigation for Soliciting Sex from Domestic Violence Victim

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that a deputy sheriff is under investigation for soliciting sex from a victim of domestic violence.  While this sort of thing probably occurs in any law enforcement agency, it’s remarkable that it continues to occur to this degree 3-4 years after Sheriff Jim McDonnell assured the public he would clean it up.

Perhaps one reason why it continues is that Sheriff McDonnell is not viewed as a leader; he has never earned the confidence of those he assumes he leads.  Deputies view him with a mixture of scorn and contempt; the public hardly knows who he is.  So it’s no wonder staggering misconduct continues–in this case, in a sheriff station lobby!

For more on the story, see this reporting from Maya Lau at the Los Angeles Times.

Deputy Sheriff Charged With Providing Security for Drug Traffickers

Despite Sheriff Jim McDonnell’s assurances that he’d clean up the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department over the past three years, yet another deputy sheriff has just been arrested for astonishing criminality.

Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Kenneth Collins has been charged with providing security to drug traffickers, reports Witness LA.

Yet Another LASD Supervisor Implicated In Demanding Sex From Subordinates, the Public or Prisoners

Yet another LASD supervisor under the command of beleagured Sheriff Jim McDonnell has been implicated in demanding sex from subordinates, the public or prisoners.  Maya Lau from the Los Angeles Times has the story.

The case was first broken by investigative reporter Celeste Fremon at Witness LA.