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PART II: Deputy Speaks Out About LASD’s Leadership Tailspin; Abysmal Morale

This is the second part in a must-see interview with Deputy Mike Coberg, who has more balls that anyone else on the Sheriff’s Department in speaking truth to power despite certain consequences on his career from doing so.  You must check it out and support Deputy Coberg in any way you can.


PART I: Current Deputy Sheriff Speaks Out Against Jim McDonnell’s Abysmal Leadership; LASD’s Low Morale; Politicized Discipline

This one’s a must-see.  When was the last time you can remember an active duty deputy sheriff speaking publicly about how poorly the department is being run?  This reporter can’t remember a time…ever.  This is the first in a two-part series with Deputy Mike Coberg, who has been shoved into a broom closet after years as one one of the hardest-working and best-performing deputies on the Department.  You’ve got to see it to believe it.