Sheriff’s Debate Tonight: Here Are The Details

The Professional Peace Officers Association (one of the three unions representing the LASD) is holding a debate tonight between the two remaining candidates to be your next Los Angeles County Sheriff: Alex Villanueva and Jim McDonnell.

The debate will run from 5-6:30 p.m. and be streamed on PPOA’s Facebook page.

While Villanueva and primary election challenger Bob Lindsey participated in several debates during the primary election cycle, McDonnell arrogantly blew off the debates. While he took 75% of the vote three years ago against a felon to win election, he will now have to run on his record against a long-time LASD member and reformer, a Hispanic, and someone who has found a deep well of support in the communities LASD’s relations are (the media says) most strained. Meanwhile, McDonnell’s support comes mainly from those served the least by the LASD (and the least familiar with it). A lot of wealthy white people living along the coast. Witness LA thinks it’ll be a real horse race.


Graphic Source: LA Times

As you may remember, 97% of nearly 2,000 deputies who participated in a recent poll by the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (another LASD union) voted their lack of confidence in McDonnell. PPOA President Brian Moriguchi and other board members have also been increasingly critical of the department’s accelerating decay.

Tonight’s debate will be moderated by Adrienne Alpert from ABC 7, who has interviewed McDonnell several times before (such as here and here). Other panelists will include Moriguchi, Marcel Rodarte from the Contract Cities Association, and Marjorie Green from the League of Women Voters. It will be held at LAPD headquarters (aka McDonnell’s Mothership).

For more information about the debate, click here.

PPOA will be live-streaming the debate on its Facebook page.


LASD Unions ALADS and PPOA Endorse Candidate for Sheriff

In a remarkable showing of leadership and advocacy on behalf of their members, the two main unions representing the men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have announced their endorsement for sheriff……of Ventura County.  Congratulations to William “Bill” Ayub!

No word on when either union will take a stance on the election that actually effects their members, though–as the union representing Riverside County deputy sheriffs recently did, in backing their sheriff’s opponent.  Meanwhile, LASD watchdog blog Surruo.com is encouraging ALADS members to take their membership to PPOA or a third union, LASPA.

However, as we reported last week, TODAY IS THE DAY that ALADS members can hear the three candidates for Los Angeles County Sheriff address the ALADS board at their office conveniently located at 2 Cupania Circle, Monterey Park 91755.  The event will begin at 3:30 p.m. and should be over by 5.

Every single department member knows multiple deputy sheriffs who have been fired for political, unfair or vendetta-driven reasons. Every single one knows of instances where department leaders–particularly senior leaders–have lied or destroyed subordinates’ careers to advance their own. Every single department member has a duty to be part of the solution.

As the English statesman Edmund Burke said nearly 300 years ago, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”